<Impudence> - Eldre'Thalas - 7/7M HM, 10/10M BRF 2/13M HFC All heroics cleared.
Currently looking for healers preferably Resto Druid, MW Monk, Resto Shaman, also caster dps Spriest or Boomkin. Exceptional players are always encouraged to apply.
We're a close knit Alliance guild on Eldre'thalas which will always concentrate on a small group we believe in quality over quantity. If you prefer to be a key player rather than just another one of the masses, this might be the place for you. We’re all pretty friendly as well as dedicated. We definitely have the will and motivation to have a quickly progressing raiding environment.
With WoD now in full swing are in full raiding progression mode and are working towards clearing Highmaul and BRF on Mythic. We achieved 14/14H (now mythic) in Siege of Orgrimmar, and cleared 13/13H ToT and 16/16H HoF/ToeS/MSV. We raid 3 days a week during progression, Tuesday, Thursday and Mondays. Raids are from 9:00pm-12:30am EST.
Like most other guilds we have a few expectations:
* High Attendance. We understand if something RL comes up and makes it so you can't show up, but we do expect some sort of heads up so we can plan accordinly. We try hard to work our raids around the lives of our raiders but we can't do that without a little bit of time before hand.
* Dedication. Content won’t always be a walk in the park and we’re not ones who just give up after a few wipes. We expect our raiders to read up on strategies and come to raid mentally prepared. We do try not to raid too many hours each week so having to take extra time to explain something that someone could have watched a video or read a strat on isn’t really acceptable.
* Willingness to learn. Not everyone who plays WoW is amazing at their class, and we understand this but we still expect our raiders to research their class/spec and always striving to improve. If you have the mentality that you’re amazing and don’t need to do anything to change, quite bluntly, we do not want you. If you can’t take advice from others or at least keep an open mind when people give you criticism, then this isn’t the guild for you. We all pay to play this game and we want members with similar goals if this description doesn't apply don't bother wasting our time or yours.
We are always searching for exceptional players to round out our 20-man roster for WoD if you think you would be a good fit we encourage you to apply @ http://impudence.guildlaunch.com/
We do expect interested parties to have logs so we can better judge if you'd be a fit for our guild. If you do not have current logs, Flex logs are better than none at all.
I'm a friendly person, so if you are interested in joining, have any questions, or just want to know a little bit more about us… please add my battle.net ID: Miguel1985#1988(If you don't get a reply that day to a request, it might have gotten glitched and you might have to log on my server and speak to me). Or if you don't feel comfortable with that you can always talk to me in-game on. Thanks for the read!

Contact Us!
 Hugepenance : Miguel1985#1988
 Ozma : Ozma#1708